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An exclusive part of the directory reserved for the societies and cultures, primitive and existing, dominating and extinct featuring brief and detailed notes on their beliefs and traditions, social institutions and setups and relationships. Explore the category and find the culture and society you’re looking for, and add site if it’s missing from our list. Be sure that you’re submitting site that’s a qualitative one and your submission is in accordance with the guidelines. 


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Cadet 150 ~
THE ARMY CADET FORCE (ACF) is one of the UK’s oldest, largest and most successful youth organisations. Consisting of more than 47,000 cadets in around 1,700 local detachments across the country, the ACF helps young people between the ages of 12 and 18 develop both personally and physically by providing a range of opportunities, challenges and activities.( more details )
Private Detective ~
Specialist PI Limited undertake all types of investigative work including divorce and matrimonial cases, investigation of bogus injury and insurance claims, detecting and preventing employee theft, locating debtors and absconders, investigating corporate fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods, process serving and covert surveillance.( more details )
California Bail Bonds ~
We are the largest internet based bail bond company in California. We have bail bond agents in many counties in Ca. Our agents are all insured, hold proper licensing and are bonded for your protection. As an internet based company we save you on overhead and we pass along the saving to you.( more details )


Hostility Potential

Misplaced social and political upbringing leads to adult immaturity, leaving human beings as potential haters and potential killers KNOW thyself, goes the maxim that wise men long ago propounded as fundamentally important. In this modern world of ours its importance is greater than ever. Self-knowledge is only to be obtained by critical reflection about oneself, about other persons and about our relations to one another.

Point Well Taken - Society & Culture

There is no doubt that pleasing everyone at all times, with our words and deeds is a demanding job. Focusing on situations in a workplace where we need to express ourselves frequently, there is a possibility that our views may not go down well with everyone. For example, if you are in a group meeting, you may be full of ideas that are completely different