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Anger Management: Educating Yourself on Changing Perceptions

Difference in opinions and thinking styles, and disputes most of the time leads towards an emotive and unbalanced behavior commonly known as anger. The difference in opinion and thinking is actually the outcome of variations in perception. Perception itself is the process of making an image of a particular situation, event, or object in ones mind, and this image depends on the angle and side the person is looking from.


Taking a very general example of the phenomenon mentioned above, let’s consider a glass with some water in it. Now there may be two types of perceptions, i.e. one will consider it ‘half filled’ and for some other it will be ‘half empty’. Having different opinions or thinking is not bad, but imposing your one sided observation on others becomes the base of anger.


Anger deploys not only the mental and physical health but also the socialization skills. Letting your anger come out is good in some situations but managing is a far better option for most of the situations. In order to manage and control anger you do not need others to peep inside your matters, instead a little care can help you out maintain your personal concerns in an efficient manner. And the first thing you need to have control over is your perception.


Having an in depth look at the matters and exploring the situations can change perception and sometime does wonders as well. Identify the disagreements first, and then explore the causes. Knowing the problem half solves it. Now come to look inside and analyze the all-possible angles. Do not always see the matters the way you look at them, instead try to get the point how others look at them.


The analysis of different possible angles help you to perceive in more than one way and when you’ve many alternatives you’ve the option not to be angry. Select the alternative that suits best to the situation, letting the anger be zero. Anger is wild and needs to be under control, so give a little time to thinking and live a healthy and happy life that you really deserve.

By: Qurratulain Akhtar [ ]