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Table manners for kids

If you have put your elbows on the table when you are not eating the food, it is acceptable. But once you have started eating, then you should only rest the forearms on the table. You should not lunch over the food. You should let your kids know that table manners are more than about proper eating. Tell them that it is about being kind and thoughtful for others. Also tell the kids that you are aware that they are smart and nice, but others will judge them with their behaviour. They should know having proper table manners is one way people judge others. Teach your kids the following table manners whether they are eating in a restaurant or in home:

  1.  You should use a fork unless the food is meant to be eaten with fingers. Only the babies use the fingers for eating. 
  2. You should not stuff your mouth full of food. It looks very messy and they could choke.
  3. You should chew with your mouth closed. Nobody likes to see food being chewed up or hear it being chewed on. You should not talk while having your mouth full with food.
  4. You should not pass any offensive comments about any food being served. That can hurt someone's feelings.
  5. You should always say thanks when you are served something. It is a token of appreciation.
  6. If the meal is not buffet style, then you should wait until everyone is served before eating. It displays consideration. 
  7. You should eat the food slowly, don't just gobble up the food. Someone prepared the food for exclusively you, so you should enjoy it slowly. Here slowly means that you should wait about 5 seconds after swallowing before getting another forkful.
  8. If you are eating rolls, just cut off a piece of bread before buttering. If you eat a whole piece of bread, it looks disgusting.
  9. If you want something that is out of your reach then just ask for the item to be passed on to you. This is a symbol of consideration.
  10. You should not pick anything out of your teeth because it looks tacky. If it is troubling your very much then you can excuse youself and go to the restroom to pick.
  11. You should always use a napkin to wipe your mouth, which should be placed on your lap if you are not using it. You should wipe your mouth only. Your shouldn't start wiping your face or blowing your nose with a napkin, both are unpleasant. For doing those things, you should first excuse yourself from the table and then go to the restroom.
  12. If you are eating at someone's home or a guest of someone at a restaurant, don't forget to say your thanks to the host. Also tell them how tasty the food was, even if it wasn't. Someone spent their time, energy and expeness and prepared the food for you so you should also appreciate them whole heartedly.