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With people becoming more and more conscious of the need to surround themselves with greenery, one sees homes dressed not only with potted plants, but also atriums and huge French windows that overlook lush, verdant gardens. One such home is that of Zeenat and Azwer, designed and decorated in such a way that most of the rooms in the downstairs portion of the house get a picturesque view of the natural surroundings.

Take the living room for instance. With one wall devoted to French windows leading into the garden and the other replaced by huge glass doors flanking an atrium, one can’t help but feel relaxed in an environment that seems far removed from the chaotic city of Karachi. Off-white curtains and conventional off-white sofas contrast with the wooden flooring as does the navy blue, red and rust cushions resting on the sofas. One finds the off-white colour used in abundance in the house, a deliberate choice according to Zeenat, as it allows them to play with any hues they choose, without being restricted to any particular colour schemes. A glass table with an attractive conical base sits before one seating arrangement, while another with four glass corners rests before the second set. Attractive and huge decoration pieces, bought from far off lands, are strategically placed in the corners and add richness and character to the room.

The atrium which lies between the living room and the lounge, and is in full view of the dining room, is a delightful area that transports one to a park. Unusual shaped wooden benches and chairs are arranged around a huge tree planted right in the centre, while the trunk of another adorns a corner. Casual and inviting, the sunlight penetrating through the skylight, one can get a complete view of the lounge through the attractive glass window, etched beautifully on one side.

Overlooking the sprawling garden beyond, the lounge with its huge French windows is furnished in a contemporary style, with sleek off-white and navy-blue leather sofas and black chairs with metal frames. Zeenat says that although most of their furniture has been bought from designers, they have not patronized any particular one and have preferred instead to pick up pieces from various shops. Their daughter, an art student, has assisted in the selection of the furniture, as well as in the interior decor.

The dining room, in contrast to the lounge, is a blend of the traditional and the modern. A huge glass-top table stands on marble ends bringing the wooden flooring into prominence, while a matching glass shelf adorns one wall. A carved wooden cabinet dresses a wall and a pair of wooden chairs with a chime clock hanging over them, occupy another. The upholstery on the chairs, as in the living room, is off-white and so are the striking curtains, which stand out for the shaded maroon shears with broad printed silk borders, draped over them.

The study, on the other hand, is completely contemporary and bold, with bright yellow walls and contrasting blue leather sofas. A huge window overlooks the garden and is dressed with blue blinds and yellow decorative curtains framing the sides. The long, kidney-shaped corner table, a combination of wood and glass, and the trendy centre and corner tables complement the study’s modern look.

Zeenat’s teenage son’s room is another statement in contemporary decor. Done in a combination of black, navy and white, the metallic TV table, bedside tables and chairs, give a space age look to the room; the navy blue curtains and black bed-cover contributing to its appeal.

The Azwers’ have artfully displayed, by the variations in the decor of their rooms, that whether one chooses a bold look or a conventional one, it is possible to have results that are aesthetically pleasing.