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Spread betting -MoneyWeek ~
Spread betting explained: how it works, the advantages, getting started, tips and and advice, and comparison table of top 20 spread betting providers.( more details )
Compare exchange rates ~
Providing exchaneg rates, historical data and information for sending money abroad. Including news and reports on the currency markets.( more details )
Financial Spread Betting Trading Guide ~
Explaining the workings of spread betting; complete with trading strategies, course in financial spread betting and a library of frequently asked questions about the financial markets.( more details )

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Hedge Fund Certification
The Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) program is a hedge fund certification program that may be completed 100% online from anywhere in the world. The CHP is now the most popular hedge fund training program in the industry. ( more details )
Prime Broker
NorthPoint Trading Partners provides a variety of prime broker services including hedge funds and mutal funds. ( more details )
Stone House Diamond Investment
City of London based Diamond Investment company that specializes in the international acquisition and sale of some of the most coveted and valuable Gems: Coloured Diamonds of incomparable rarity and beauty. ( more details )
Daily Sales Exchange
The Daily Sales Exchange is a web marketplace that accelerates sales transactions by enhancing buyer-seller relationships at the right time. The DSE makes finding the right products fast and easy for people shopping for equipment. We connect shoppers directly to manufacturers and distributors so that they can ask questions and immediately get answers that help them make the best purchasing decisions. ( more details )
Stock Charts
Provides real time volume and price charts for the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, S&P 100 and other indexes. Offers volume based technical analysis and market timing for QQQQ, SPDRs and DIA. ( more details )
Financial Advice
Get impartial advice from an IFA located near you. Our independent financial advisers can help you manage your money and advise on what to do. ( more details )
Vinci Partners Commodities
A City of London based land investment firm that specializes in the acquisition and sale of strategic land sites throughout the UK and Europe. ( more details )
Savings Calculator
This site provides a number of calculators to help you evaluate your savings and investments. These calculators allow you to see what a savings plan may accumulate to, how much interest you may earn or how well you will be financially prepared for retirement. ( more details )
Angel Investors
Find Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms to help give your small business that kick start to the next level. Sometimes start up business loans can help small companies get over the hump and achieve goals that otherwise seem impossible. Meet new business partnerships today! ( more details )
investment ideas
Motif Investing provides an investment platform that enables individuals to invest in ideas such as tablet computing, domestic oil exploration, housing recovery, and solar energy. A motif is a carefully researched and balanced grouping of about twenty stocks that combine to give investors diverse exposure to a single big idea. Buy a motif in one click with none of the management fees associated with exchange-traded funds, mutual funds or investment advisors. ( more details )
The Real Asset Company
The Real Asset Co. is a next generation platform for physical gold and silver investment. Our open market enables you to set your own rates, meaning competition in the market provides you with fairer and more efficient gold prices. You keep your own bullion stored in LBMA approved vaults. Enjoy our range of storage and delivery options for greater security and control with your investments. Open an account in minutes and receive a free ounce of silver. Contact: ( more details )
Family Office Executive Search
We offer family office executive search services to mostly single family offices and some multi-family offices on a global basis. We use our association and deep talent base to help family offices with their recruiting. ( more details )